The diapedic Experience

I was given a sample to try, but I didn’t have a particular ailment at the time, but my brother was suffering from what may have been complications surrounding COVID toe. His feet were painfully swollen, so I offered the cream to him. And, he felt relief within a matter of minutes.

I also have ordered for my mother-in-law who suffers from neuropathy. She too could not believe how quickly her symptoms subsided with the cream.

Thank you,

L.C. Brown

My shoulders and neck are often stiff from hunching over while working on art pieces. I wasn’t so sure if it could help me, but I’ve been using diapedic cream on my shoulders and much to my surprise, it’s been working really well!


Leah Frazier

I have developed some mild carpel tunnel in my hand and arm from playing the sound bowls. When I applied diapedic broad spectrum CBD relief cream, it helped so much and gave me instant relief.

Leah Frazier, Leah Heals


“In the pain management world, we’re always on the lookout for non-opioid options that can help our patients improve their pain. I have been able to try both formulations of the Diapedic creams and have had a personal success for pain relief of chronic knee and neck issues with no side effects. I have shared samples with close family and friends, and I have had an overwhelming positive response with people enjoying both pain relief as well as the pleasant scent and small amounts needed. I strongly believe these products will continue to grow in use in the medical field and have a long-term place in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.”

-Dr. Ahmed Embabi, Anesthesiologist & Pain Management – Spine Team Texas


As a physician and provider, treating patients in a way where side effects can be minimized is optimal. When diapedic was introduced, I was intrigued by its effectiveness, safety and overall development when treating pain & discomforts. I saw it as an opportunity to have alternative modalities to help with ailments. Using it on myself first for joint pain, I was amazed with its results. It became effective shortly after application with longer than traditional effectiveness, quick onset and long lasting. I then attempted to help my grandmother with chronic arthritis to her knees with a regimen to use diapedic. To her amazement, she has had larger success compared to other options including oral medication. The cream is made different from other competitors and the benefit of no THC in the broad spectrum has been incredible. I have not seen anything like this available. I highly recommend the cream as an alternative treatment for aches and pains!

Dr. Binoy Sheth, DPM, ABPM,
Premier Foot & Ankle

Drs. Toya & Tonya Harris

Our patients have been so in love with your CBD cream. We have been incorporating it into our soft tissue work that we perform. Our patients have told us they are feeling better and the cream is reducing their pain. They are just really enjoying it.

Drs. Toya & Tonya Harris, The BluePrint

Last week, I did a lot of manual labor. Not only was my back hurting really bad, but my neck and shoulders were so sore, knotted and still.

So, Friday night I busted out my CBD cream and put it everywhere. OMG, I woke up yesterday with like no pain! It’s magic cream — I will be reordering! Okay, and I also thought the cream might not have the best scent since it’s CBD, but it smells amazing!

Samantha V.

I have tendinitis in my knee and elbow and various other aches and pains – diapedic CBD cream has reduced my pain significantly. I rub it on before I play golf and it works for hours and hours! My wife also puts on the cream before wearing heels as a preventative measure and it really does provide her comfort after being on her feet most of the day.

Timm Matthews, The GAME

Are you experiencing aches and pains in your joints, knees, shoulders, or places where you have never had issues before?  Do you need help recovering after your workouts? This product sells itself because it works!  I apply diapedic before and after I workout because I know the aches and pains I would experience are greatly minimized by using this black-owned company’s CBD cream.  If you use diapedic, you will say goodbye to all the other products out there.  Don’t take my word for it — I double dog dare you to use diapedic to relieve your aches and pains.

-J. Michael Samuels [1000 mg Broad Spectrum]

I love this CBD cream! It has helped me tremendously with my cramps and body aches.
I have told my family and friends about these products. I am definitely a customer for life!

-Jasmine B.[500 mg Full Spectrum]

I used diapedic cream on my aching hip the other night… and I feel amazing now!

-Janay H.[500 mg Full Spectrum]

This cream is not greasy and there is not an overwhelming fragrance to it. I am often allergic to some topicals, and this cream did not cause a rash.
I also appreciate the rapid delivery of products when I order.

-K. Haynes[500 mg Full Spectrum]

Thank you so much for this absolutely life-changing product. My lower back and I THANK YOU!

-Erika M. [1000 mg Full Spectrum]

I really like your relief cream! After sitting in front of the computer all day, it helps soothe my achy muscles. It also works well on my minor pains from sickle cell.

-Arika C. [1000 mg Full Spectrum]

As a 72-year old former athlete, baseball and softball umpire and basketball official, using diapedic on my joints and muscles has improved my movement and eased my pain.

-Bill Murry [1000 mg Full Spectrum]

I’ve been struggling with back and neck pain but have noticed a major difference since I started using diapedic CBD cream.

-Jessica Schwager [1000 mg Broad Spectrum]

This is the best CBD cream! My 88-year old mom uses it for her knee pain and major arthritis, and then, I began rubbing it on my feet for my plantar fasciitis and now it is gone!

-Stacy Moore [1000 mg Broad Spectrum]

Many years ago, I had back surgery, and the CBD cream has helped alleviate the ongoing muscle and joint discomfort that I tend to experience.

It works as an excellent massage cream too. If you have yet to try this CBD cream, you should try it!

-Tamara Ward [1000 mg Full Spectrum]

Many years ago, I had back surgery, and the CBD cream has helped alleviate the ongoing muscle and joint discomfort that I tend to experience.

It works as an excellent massage cream too. If you have yet to try this CBD cream, you should try it!

-Tamara Ward [1000 mg Full Spectrum]

Almost 4 years ago, I learned I had two high grade tendon tears along my ankle, as well as a torn achilles. I elected to have an achilles repair, but decided against the other two. With any surgery there are known risks, and my reality would later prove I would experience nerve damage on the outer side of my foot, from heel-to-toe. It has been a persistent aggravation for me, until I was introduced to diapedic. The relief was almost instant as I felt the nerve pain slowly diminish as I massaged the cream into my foot. After the first application, I pinched my foot, just to be sure I wasn’t imagining what I was feeling. For chronic pain sufferers, we sometimes forget what relief feels like, and diapedic is a game changer. I’ve also begun applying diapedic to my knee as well, and will definitely incorporate this product into my morning/nightly routines.

-Toya R. [1000 mg Full Spectrum]

When I had back and neck issues, I started using diapedic CBD cream and it worked better than what my health care provider prescribed me. So to say that I am fan of this product is an understatement.

-Lonita Sharp [1000 mg Broad Spectrum]